What makes Homora V2 Unique?

1. World’s First Leveraged Yield Farming Platform

Leveraged yield farming is a concept originally and innovated by the team from Alpha Venture DAO. Homora is the first leveraged yield farming product in the DeFi space.

2. High Yields. High Security. High-Quality Pools.

Farming on Homora V2 offers high yield boosting rewards, but along with the risks. High risks are inherently associated with the volatility of assets that are difficult to control and predict, but we try our best to control what we can to help users put their mind at ease. Therefore, we have a strong pool screening and due diligence process to make sure that we offer high yields on quality pools from top DEXes while maintaining high protocol security to protect users.
We offer high security measures and transparency to mitigate risks including : 1. Insurance options with InsurACE and Nexus Mutual 2. Whitelist contracts and EOA accessibility 3. Multiple audits from top-tier auditors 4. Protocol is operated under a non-anonymous team, ensuring no rug pull To enhance quality farming experience and extra security for our users, there are a few key criteria we have when listing new pools and assets : 1. Assets are required to have supported price feed from our shortlisted oracles 2. Shortlisted popular trading pools from top DEXes with strong demand 3. New pools should have high liquidity, high trading volume, high yield 4. Tokens in the asset pairs should have high circulating market cap, low volatility, certain degree of decentralization and a track record of presence in the market for a decent amount of time.

3. Flexible Farming with Any Combination of Assets

Users can begin yield farming with just one type of asset. Homora V2 gives you the option to supply any combination of assets, without having to supply an equal amount of assets for a liquidity pool like traditional yield farming. This allows Homora to support customized yield strategies to suit any market conditions. With flexible borrowing of multiple assets, you can hedge your positions on Homora and farm even in bear market.
For existing LP providers, you can easily migrate your position to Homora V2 by supplying in the LP token. Note that the pool must already be listed on Homora V2 already.

4. Exclusive Partnership with Iron bank

To enable our users to take leverage on many assets without having to bootstrap liquidity for all of them ourselves, we are partnering and integrating deeply with Iron Bank or Cream V2 as a source of liquidity. This enables Homora V2 to quickly grow and scale.
Homora V2 and Iron Bank contracts are integrated and interoperated at a deep level that has never been done before in DeFi space. This is the first time that a contract (Homora V2) can borrow from a lending protocol (Iron Bank) in an under-collateralized way, maximizing capital efficiency for users. Homora V2 will borrow liquidity from Iron Bank and offer as leverage for our users. Thus, Cream users will also benefit from higher lending interest rates. On the other hand, the lending assets are also lent on Iron Bank.

5. Alpha Oracle Aggregator

Alpha Oracle Aggregator combines top-tier cross-chain oracle service from Band Protocol and Chainlink to make sure the price feed is accurate at all times. This also helps make sure our product can continue to run even when one oracle service is out of sync.