Overview of HomoraV2 dApp

There are 5 main sections within Homora V2 dApp:
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Home Page
Home page is where users see a snapshot summary of what Homora V2 offers, including current protocol TVL on different chains, available features, and yield strategies, unique value proposition, etc. From a quick glance, users can grasp a general overview of Homora V2 and navigate to their preferred sections.

Farm Pools

Farm Pools page
Farm pools page is where users can view a list of available pools on different DEXes that Homora V2 integrated on with key information including
  • Types of pools: Yield Farming or Liquidity Providing (More details on types of pool here)
  • Assets within the pool: ETH-USDT, DAI-ETH, etc. (More details on available pools here)
  • DEXes: Sushiswap, Uniswap, etc. (More details on available DEXes here)
  • Leveraged APR (More details on APR here)
  • Available Leverage: Highest leverage level recommended
  • Pool TVL: Total Value Locked in the selected pool on the selected DEXes

Yield Farming

Yield farming page is divided into 3 subpages:
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    Pool TVL

Your position

Yield Farming - Your Positions page
Your position page is where users see the summary of all their active position(s) with total position value and total debt value on the Your Info section. When scrolling down, users can also see a list of their active position(s) under Your Positions section with key information such as current debt ratio, position value, reward, etc. as well as their inactive position(s) by toggling on the Active-Inactive button on the right top corner.
For each active position, users can manage their positions by performing 4 actions; add, remove, close, and harvest. See more details on how to manage leveraged yield farming positions here.

All positions

Yield Farming - All positions page
All Positions page is where users see the list of every active farming positions on Homora V2. For liquidators looking to earn liquidation bounty, they can liquidate applicable positions on this page. See more details on Step-by-step guide for liquidators here.

Pool TVL

Yield Farming - Pool TVL page
Pool TVL page is where users see the summary of Total Value Locked(TVL) of all protocol pools from different DEXes and total active positions on Homora V2.


Lend page
Lend page is where users see the summary of their opened lending position(s) on Your Info section and a list of available assets that users can lend on Homora V2 with key information such as APY and utilization of the pool. For each lending pool, users can open/close lending positions by depositing or withdrawing assets. See more details on how to make a deposit here and make a withdrawal here.

Asset Prices

Asset Prices page
Asset Prices page is where users can view and monitor asset prices available on selected chains which can be used as a useful parameter to prevent your position from getting liquidated.
To ensure price feed is always accurate and to prevent price feed manipulation, Homora V2 uses BAND Protocol and Chainlink’s oracle solutions. See more details on Alpha Oracle Aggregator here.