Credit limit request

A simple guide on how to request for credit limit increase on Homora V2
Some users might have run into circumstances where Homora V2 ran out of assets available to borrow for leverage yield farming, but the actual reason might be that the credit limit was reached. Credit limits were initially set between Homora V2 and Ironbank for security reasons, but we can help support custom credit limit increases upon request.
Therefore, Homora V2 also offers additional service for users who wish to open a large leveraged LP position that exceeds the current credit limit (For example, institutional users and other DeFi protocols within our network.)
Users can submit a credit increase request form to inform our team members to process your request in order to open large leveraged yield farming positions on Homora V2 more effortlessly.
Note: This form is exclusively designed and given to users on an invite-only basis from our team members. If you believe that you are one of the users in this category, you can contact our team for access via the partnership form.
Last modified 3mo ago