How to integrate with Homora V2

Here are the steps for projects and integration partners that are interested in integrating with us
Stage 1 - Application Stage
If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can fill in your contact details in the Partnership Form below (telegram and e-mail are required)
For lending integration with Homora V2, there is no whitelisting and you can integrate straight away. For leveraged yield farming integration with Homora V2, you can view the whitelisting criteria here
Stage 2 - Reviewing Stage
Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and we will get back to you on telegram to proceed to the next stage if you pass our initial review.
Stage 3 - Screening Stage
We will schedule a screening introductory call with the contacts you provided to discuss partnership angles and we will proceed with setting up a working group on telegram if you pass our screening criteria (e.g. legitimacy and background check, scam screening, potential value of synergies in both tech and marketing).
If you have any questions or need additional support, you can drop a message in our Discord channel under Alpha Build: Homora and tag @devteams