Examples of integration

One of the powers of DeFi and Homora V2 is that our code is open-sourced. As such, it allows for endless possibilities to build on top of each other. They are money legos that help enhance the protocol’s usability.
For protocols interested in integration, please fill in our partnership form here.
Here are some examples of protocols integrated with Homora V2 broken down into categories

Yield strategies & Vaults

Midas Investments

Midas Investments is a custodial “CeDeFi” investment platform that uses strategies involving multiple digital assets and various protocols to create profitable intuitive investment tools.
More details on Homora V2 integration:

GRO Protocol (Paused)

GRO Protocol is a DeFi yield aggregator that makes earning stablecoin yields automatically, safely, and with protection.
It is currently only available on Avalanche and for USDCe, DAI.e, and USDT.e only. Users will be able to choose leveraged yield strategies with GRO Labs.
More details on Homora V2 integration:

Weave (Coming Soon)

Weave is a DeFi protocol that offers unprecedented levels of customization for yield farming. Users will be able to automate, optimize, and enhance yield through a simple drag and drop function.
More details on the integration on Homora V2 coming soon

Aperture (Currently in Beta)

Aperture Finance is a cross-chain investment ecosystem with a community-driven marketplace for strategies featuring fully-automated 1-click yield strategies like Pseudo Delta Neutral strategy.
Users can sign-up for beta-testing here:
More details on Homora V2 integration is coming soon.

Dashboard & Portfolio Tracker


Apeboard is a multi-chain DeFi dashboard, allowing you to see your currency net worth and total claimable rewards at the top.
Currently Apeboard is able to track Homora on Ethereum, Avalanche, and Fantom
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DeBank is a multi-chain portfolio tracker that supports the largest number of DeFi protocols.
Currently, DeBank is able to track Homora on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, OP. Users will also be able to track the wallet addresses of lenders and opened positions on Homora.
More details on Homora V2 integration:

Zapper (Coming soon - AVAX, FTM, OP)

Zapper Fi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) tool that lets you monitor and control your entire portfolio; assets, debt, liquidity pools, yield farming and even NFTs, all from one platform and anonymity.
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Wallets & Gateway

  • Browser wallets (Metamask, coin98 etc.)
  • Wallet connect (supports 141 wallets)
  • Coinbase wallet
  • Ledger live (coming soon)

Notifications (More Coming Soon)