Benefit of Stake ALPHA
"It all starts by simply staking ALPHA."

Benefit of Stake ALPHA

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    Earn Fees From the Whole Alpha Ecosystem With Stake ALPHA, ALPHA token holders will be able to stake ALPHA to earn fees from the whole Alpha ecosystem regardless of which chains or layer-2 solutions the Alpha products are built on.
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    Unlock Unique Features on The Alpha Products Once ALPHA tokens are staked, you will be able to ‘unlock’ unique features on the Alpha products when using those products as an ALPHA staker. Currently, the amount of ALPHA tokens you staked will place you in 1 of the 5 Alpha Tiers. The more you stake, the higher the Alpha Tier you will be in. The higher the Alpha Tier, the more unique features and benefits you can unlock when using the Alpha products.
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    Be a part of cutting edge projects early on For those who stake ALPHA tokens, not only will you get protocol fees collected from the existing Alpha products, but you will also get: 🚀 A share of Alpha Incubate projects’ tokens that allows you to take part in high quality projects early on 🚀 Access to the strong and long-term Web3 community Learn more about Alpha Incubate projects or find out more where the incubates tokens APY comes from here
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    Vote on Proposal ALPHA stakers will get sALPHA which can be used to represent vote counts for proposals. See here to look at our past proposals.
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