What is Stake ALPHA?

Stake ALPHA is an underlying core mechanism that captures value from both in-house products and incubated projects and bonds the whole Alpha ecosystem together. It acts as a fundamental platform that brings unique value to ALPHA, providing a gateway for Alpha stakers to access the long-term Web3 community that Alpha Venture DAO set out to build. By staking ALPHA, token holders benefit from these unique features:

Stake ALPHA Unites the Alpha Ecosystem

The wider vision of staking ALPHA means value accrual is not limited to fees collection from the ecosystem, but integral to the usage and growth of all protocols built and incubated by Alpha Venture DAO.
As the ecosystem continues to amass innovative products and incubate more Web3 projects, Stake ALPHA will be the uniting force of the Alpha ecosystem and accrue the value of ALPHA tokens back to ALPHA token holders.
Stake ALPHA - currently staking is only on Ethereum.
Alpha Tiers - Users are able to access perks for each Alpha Wolf tier to unlock higher leverage.
Incubate - Users will be able to view all the incubated projects and tokens allocated to Alpha stakers from Alpha Incubate.