Understanding Alpha ecosystem

The Alpha Venture DAO ecosystem is made up of 2 parts: build and incubate.
  • The Alpha team will continue to ‘build’ cutting-edge products that have synergies and dominate their corresponding markets across multiple chains and verticals.
  • The incubator arm of Alpha Venture DAO will ‘incubate’ new innovations and new projects to the crypto space. This division will focus on supporting Web3 builders to successfully build a crypto project. Hence, we introduced Alpha Academy to provide useful resources for builders to utilize when building their own projects.

Alpha Build

Each product built by Alpha Venture DAO is carefully curated by the Alpha team with focus on capturing unaddressed demand in Web 3 in an innovative and user friendly way. The products address market gaps and problems in the sector they are in.
This focus underpins the opportunities we choose to evaluate and decisions we make, as we cannot capture every opportunity, but rather only the ones that have clear unaddressed demand and market gaps and bring synergy to Alpha ecosystem. By doing so, we will be able to thrive and dominate in such verticals, continue to disrupt the industry, and bring superior value propositions compared to existing solutions in the market.
For full list of Alpha Build products, click here

How We Build

Alpha team takes on 2 strategies in building innovative products.
  1. 1.
    Problem Statement: In-depth research and understanding of prominent problems in Web3 landscape
  2. 2.
    Solution Statement: Evaluate market gaps and iterate until we find a product idea/solution that allows us to capture large unaddressed demand in a particular problem statement

Alpha Incubate

Alpha Launchpad has now become the incubator arm of Alpha Venture DAO. Through the ‘Alpha Incubate’ incubation program, our incubation arm will be the perfect place for Web3 makers to innovate. We will work with the community to assist these incoming high quality Web3 projects to grow from 0-to-1 and 1-to-100.
Alpha Venture DAO brings more than 50 thought leaders and top minds in Web3, who serve as Alpha Network, to support Web3 builders in building and launching their projects. Founders will get a unique opportunity to receive hands-on mentorship from Alpha Network, including AVA Labs, The Spartan Group, Defiance Capital, Multicoin Capital, SCB10X, Jason Choi, Darryl Wang, Luigi (Avalanche), AlphaLab Capital, and individuals from Sequoia Capital, Coinbase, Bitmex, Capital, SIG, 1kx, Band Protocol, and many more. Projects incubated by Alpha Venture DAO will also receive technical and infrastructure support from Amazon Web Services and Terraform Labs.
See full list of Alpha Network here.
Moreover, we have Alpha Academy, a cryptopedia for builders, which is another section under Alpha Incubate that will publish content on various channels to help Web3 builders. This content includes:
  • Experienced builders share their experience on the Web3 and tips for building a crypto company. Builders or soon-to-be builders can use this as a company building guide when building their own project.
  • Research thought-piece content in the Web3 domain curated by Alpha team.
Watch out on our Youtube, Podcast, and Blog to access the resources from Alpha Academy.
To sum up, the incubated projects will be able to tap into this growing mindshare of enthusiasts and thought leaders. Alpha Venture DAO incubation will strive to include more products and expand the pool of users and experts who can contribute to in-development projects. As a result, builders now have a complete ecosystem to bootstrap their Web3 projects. Web3 users now have a place to contribute meaningfully to cutting-edge Web3 projects early on. ALPHA token holders now have an avenue to sustainably capture the real alpha.