Alpha Venture DAO Overview

What is Alpha Venture DAO

Alpha Venture DAO is a community of daring individuals who shape the future of Web3 by reinventing how decentralized applications (dApps) are built, contributed, and owned. Together with our network of Web3 industry leaders and community, we build and incubate Web3 innovation in order to become a massive ecosystem of dApps that captures value regardless of which chains or sectors dominate Web3 in the future.

Alpha Venture DAO is made up of 2 parts: build and incubate:

  • As builders ourselves, we will continue to ‘build’ cutting-edge products across multiple chains and verticals. This allows us to stay relevant with the landscape, be connected with the right people, and know exactly what other builders need to launch and grow successfully despite the continuous change in Web3 landscape.
  • We will also ‘incubate’ new innovations to the crypto space and assist Web3 builders to grow their projects from 0-to-1 and 1-to-100 with the support from our community and Alpha Network, a group of Web3 thought leaders.
We welcome both builders and Web3 users to join us. Alpha Venture DAO will be a one-stop station for Web3 builders to kickstart their projects and the gateway for Web3 users to contribute meaningfully and ‘truly’ own high-quality Web3 projects.
Our incubated projects will receive exclusive support from Alpha Network, which consists of AVA Labs, The Spartan Group, DeFiance Capital, Multicoin Capital, SCB10X, Jason Choi, Darryl Wang, Luigi (Avalanche), AlphaLab Capital, and individuals from Sequoia Capital, Coinbase, Bitmex, Capital, SIG, 1kx, Band Protocol, and many more as well as technical and infrastructure support from our partners: Amazon Web Services and Terraform Labs.
Presently, Alpha Venture DAO has incubated three projects, namely Beta Finance, pStake, and GuildFi, which have gone on to raise funds from tier-1 VCs, including Three Arrow Capital, Spartan Capital, DeFiance Capital, Pantera Capital, Galaxy Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Hashed. In the pipeline, we have many more high-quality projects that will bring new Web3 innovations to the crypto space for enthusiasts to access and make contributions. ALPHA token holders can be ready to get their hands on these projects before anyone else!
If you believe in Web3 innovation, then Alpha Venture DAO is the place for you. The ALPHA token is no longer a token of a single product or project, but rather a proxy for Web3 innovation.

What It Means to Web3

As builders, we have a track record of building a billion-dollar-product and incubating a billion-dollar-project ourselves. Our operating experience has allowed us to identify value-adding stakeholders whom we have boarded as Alpha Network. Incubated projects can tap for hands-on mentorship from the right experts within the Alpha Network for the right areas or problems they are facing. Hence, we’re able to offer builders the best tactical and strategic advice to kickstart their projects.
Moreover, there are multiple things that are unique to building in Web3 from tokenomics to community building, and the industry keeps evolving at a breakneck pace making experience obsolete. As we continue to build products, we’re able to ensure that our advice and community remain relevant across diverse circumstances.
Additionally, building a community for new projects, especially ones with niche products, can be difficult. Bootstrapping the community is a pressing challenge for decentralized projects. However, with years of building, living and breathing in the blockchain space, we are able to provide projects with a replicable playbook for building and launching projects and the real Web3 community of more than 100K users from day 1.
In short, we help:
  • Support builders by being a one-stop shop for them to build and launch their Web 3 projects. Builders will get insightful knowledge from experienced builders, thought leaders, and veteran investors.
  • Provide access for Web3 users with expertise in any fields, such as UX/UI, fullstack, content creation, community building, marketing, etc., to contribute to Web3 projects and ‘own’ high-quality projects before anyone else.