Benefits to Web3 users

Benefits to Community members

Community members who are either builders or have expertise in any field, such as UX/UI, fullstack, content creation, etc., can make significant contributions by helping us curate and groom Web3 projects. With your skill set and talent, you can become Alpha Venture DAO contributors and own these high-quality projects early on. The more you contribute and show your expertise, the more likely you'll be able to get shortlisted to join the Alpha Network, which consists of many well-known industry top minds!
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Benefits to Token holders

ALPHA token is the gateway for Web3 innovation. ALPHA token is not a token for just one single product or project, but rather a proxy for Web3 innovation. By being a part of Alpha Venture DAO, ALPHA token holders have more options than just taking profits from staking or buying tokens, but a unique opportunity to contribute and own Web3 innovations that are built and incubated by Alpha Venture DAO before anyone else.
Token holders can stake ALPHA tokens to capture value from both in-house products (e.g. protocol fees) and become eligible to receive the tokens from incubated projects. Consequently, own these promising Web3 projects with the rights to govern and use these new products before anyone else. In the future, token holders will also be able to contribute and vote on the DAO governance through the ALPHA token.

Benefits to Builders of Incubated Projects

We support founders of Web3 projects by being a one-stop shop for them to build and successfully launch their Web 3 projects. These incubated projects can cross-pollinate users and use cases and tap into the best mindshare of the Web3 community. Builders will get insightful knowledge from experienced and successful builders of our network, a community of long-term investors as well as liquidity from day 1. Alpha Venture DAO is a decentralized venture fund with the community as its paycheck.

Benefits to Alpha Build users

By using products built by Alpha Venture DAO, you can unlock exclusive features and earn special rewards. As the Alpha Venture DAO ecosystem expands, the utility for ALPHA will also increase.