Program Components and Structure

The program starts with a kickoff day where all incubatees come together for the first time and ends with a demo day where the incubatees will be able to pitch to and raise funds from Tier 1 investors. In between, the incubatees go through a power packed 8 weeks program consisting of weekly masterclasses, mentorship hours, progress review calls, fireside chats and community events.
  • Masterclass: Live video sessions taken by Alpha Network on business fundamentals covering a series of topics such as product, technical, community building, marketing, hiring, tokenomics, fundraising, etc. The incubatees will be able to take away actionable frameworks from the masterclasses.
  • Mentorship hours: Alpha team will pair incubatees with their preferred mentors and incubatees can book mentorship hours with both Alpha team and Alpha Network every week within the program and even after the program. Mentorship hours can be utilized to brainstorm on high-level strategies and specific problems.
  • Progress Review Calls: The first call is used to identify the north star with incubatees, success metrics and required resources. After that Alpha Team will do weekly check-in with the incubatees to track their progress and provide any extra support required.
  • Fireside chats: These are exclusive small group events hosted for incubatees to learn from the experience of industry titans and eminent people in the space. Topics could be thematic (current industry theme), tactical/strategic (CEO focused) or technical (CTO focused). The goal is to provide unique access & networking opportunities to incubatees; build relationships between Alpha Network & eminent people; allow eminent people to contribute their insights to the community in an intimate setting to encourage candor.
  • Community events: “Community Talks” hosted on discord to share knowledge on various topics such as design, marketing, community building, etc.
Other than the weekly schedule, there will be many exciting events such as small group dinners to build relationships, prototype day to share what everyone is building, and rehearsal day to practice pitch before the final demo day.