How To Mine Loot & Bloot GEMs

How to mine Loot & Bloot GEMs?

To make it fair for everyone, mining will start at 4:30PM UTC. Anyone who wants to get a hold of these gems can mine. Each gem has a different difficulty level to mine. For instance, Amethyst gem type is less rare than Pink Diamond, since miners can get 64 Amethyst/mine and 1 Pink Diamond/mine. Once a gem in a particular gem type is mined, the next gem in that gem type will be much harder to mine and requires more computational power than the previous one. Difficulty level 65 means that on average a miner needs to try 65 times before getting the right answer.
To mine the GEMs, follow the steps below.
  1. 2.
    Select from the drop-down the GEM type you want to mine. For instance, the image below shows Amethyst GEM type.
3. Click Start
That’s it! Once mined, the GEMs will show up at the top as GEMs you own.
For more details on the proof-of-work behind Provably Rare Gems, see the relevant section above.